Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Art In Human Emotion

Art in the human mind includes a variety of activities, creations, and expressions that are directly related to human emotions. These emotions may be born from experience or observation.

If we connect with the philosophy, the art reflects the hidden connectivity between different abstract thought process in mind. Branch of philosophy which considers art called Aesthetics.

Literally covering art, music, painting, sculpture, and literature to name a few. We can say that anything that relate to creativity then described, with innate skills or training and practice of art can be said to be said.

Various fields of human activities such as cooking, driving or driving a vehicle, painting, music, or even dress up for a party, it's just different in the form of activities only. Art deals with philosophical elements such as, beauty, taste the symbolism of some aspects of human interaction with nature.

With the representation of human life in various forms of art, and are categorized as follows:

Visual Arts. It is defined as a medium of communication between human emotions and ideas in his mind.